27 April 2013

Within the period committed to the licensee COVIANDES, the breakthrough on the Tunnel 11 took place. This tunnel is included in the twinning works of Bogotá-Villavicencio road, in Colombia.   The length of the tunnel is 412 meters and it has been excavated by mechanical means in ​ alluvial terraces. The support has required systematic installation of slotted micropiles umbrellas. The micropiles are 12 meters long and 3 meters overlapped. Drilling and front drainage were also necessary. These works were carried out in a consortium with the colombian company AIA.


15 March 2013

Aduna Temporary Consortium awards the construction of Aduna tunnel, included in Zizurkil – Andoain section of the New Railway Network of the Basque Country. This tunnel is 4.718 meters long, and Nortúnel will carry out 1.479 meters from Andoain entrance and an emergency gallery (415 m).  It will be excavated following the NATM, by drilling and basting and mainly by mechanical means. 


10 September 2012

Túnel de La Canda Temporary Consortium awards the construction of Vilavella tunnel to Nortúnel. This tunnel is included in Túnel de la Canda – Vilavella section of the N-NW High Speed ​​Corridor Madrid - Galicia. The tunnel consists of two parallel tubes of about 750 m long, carried out following the NATM.


3 September 2012

Urumea Temporary Consortium awards the construction of Hernani tunnel to Nortúnel. It belongs to the Urnieta- Hernani section of the New Basque Country Railway Network. The tunnel consists of a tube 740 m long and excavated by drilling and blasting.

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