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Due to the extensive development of high-speed railway lines in recent years, and that this type of work regularly requires the construction of long tunnels, Nortúnel has actively taken part in this type of projects, which is one of its main lines of activity. Nortúnel, apart from tunnel construction, is also involved in the construction of the set of units that make up this type of projects (viaducts, walls, tunnels, embankments, underpasses…), as it has highly experienced and well-trained staff to manage projects that vary in type.

Related projects

Aduna Tunnel. New Railway Network in the Basque Country. Section: Zizurkil-Andoain

The length of the Aduna Tunnel is 4690 m. Nortúnel excavated from the mouth on the Andoain side a mine tunnel with a length of 1479 m, with an excavation […]

Hernani Tunnel. LAV (Y Vasca) Section: Urnieta – Hernani

The Hernani tunnel has a mine length of 749 m with an excavation section of some 120 m². It’s free section is 95 m². The materials that were cut through […]

Vilavella Tunnel. LAV Madrid – Galicia. Section: Canda – Vilavella Tunnel.

The Vilavella tunnel comes with two tunnels with a length of 902 m and 869 m. Both tunnels have a single lane road, with a truncated circular section of 52 […]

Olabarrie Tunnel. LAV (Y Vasca) Section: Durango – Amorebieta

The Olabarrie tunnel has a length of 986 m. It is a two-way tunnel with an 85 m² type section. The excavation takes place with perforation and blasting using mechanical […]

Urzelai Tunnel. LAV (Y Vasca) Section: Durango – Amorebieta

The two-way Urzelai tunnel has a 95 m² type section and a length of 575 m. This tunnel affects the cretaceous materials, both in the CLu formation (black lutites and […]

The Murón Tunnel. Levante High Speed Train Access (AVE). Section: Aspe – El Carrús

Tunnel with a length of 1,456 m with an excavation section of some 120 m². Completed following the NATM, via blasting and mechanical means (backhoe) on cemented conglomerates, clay and […]