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Conservation and maintenance

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Conservation and maintenance

Nortúnel is involved in conservation and maintenance of underground works, including reparations to road tunnels and railways. Nortúnel has its own team for technical analysis in the search for preventative solutions, using the most advanced technologies, as well as the capacity of urgent action in emergency works, even working without stopping traffic.

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Support reinforcement works at km 6+250 of Topo tunnel 3 (Donostia-Hendaia).

Tunnel 3 belongs to the Donostia-Hendaia line of the conventional Basque Railway Network – Euskal Trenbide Sarea, (ETS) and is located in Donosti, in the province of Gipuzkoa, between the […]

Reinforcement of tunnel 1 Genovés on 342 Xátiva-Alcoi line (Valencian Community)

Genovés Tunnel 1 has a length of 250 m, starting km 4 + 188 and ending km 4 + 438 with straight geometry. The tunnel is single track, with a […]

Emergency due to serious damage to the lining of the Toses tunnel. Ripoll - Puigcerdá line

The Toses tunnel has a length of 3,904 m and is located between PP.KK 29+745 and 33+649. The repair areas total 947 meters where the following actions have been carried […]

Improvement works on slopes of the Bilbao-Donostia Line. Lot 1: Deba Station at km 72 + 450

The works consisted of the Conditioning and improvement of stability on the slopes between the Deba and Zumaia stations of the Bilbao-Donosti Line, for this, the following actions were carried […]