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The construction of tunnels, ramps and galleries in the mining primary sector. Since its beginnings, Nortúnel has carried out its activities completing mining projects, from quarries to extraction mining, constructing both vertical wells, horizontal galleries and elevated gradient ramps. In order to meet the challenges of such a demanding sector as mining, the use of qualified and specialised staff is necessary, for this reason, Nortúnel counts on a high percentage of mining engineers, capable of managing projects and committed to ongoing quality, while meeting the highest safety demands.

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Clean-up and maintenance works in the galleries of the Bodovalle mine, in Biscay

The Bodovalle mine was the largest open-pit siderite mine in the Biscayan mining basin. It was exploited in open pit until 1885. From that date, the mineral extraction was carried […]

Execution of the Mina Fraguiña Project

Execution of 1,045 meters, of which 410 meters correspond to the execution of central galleries of 30 m2, with widening areas to form caverns of 200 meters in length and […]

Security works at Arditurri gallery

The works that were carried out in the Arditurri mine were the following: Security work at a point in the mining gallery. Triple twist mesh placement. Placement of mini prisms […]

Rigoitia tunnel shaft

Operation system of the quarry with a tunnel of 45 m² section and 87 m in length, which feeds to a 4 m diameter and 140 m depth shaft with […]

Nafarrondo quarry tunnel shaft system.

Innovative system in operation of quarries to eliminate waste of blasting materials on the front part of the quarry. It prevents the formation of dust and reduces the generation of […]