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Clean-up and maintenance works in the galleries of the Bodovalle mine, in Biscay

The Bodovalle mine was the largest open-pit siderite mine in the Biscayan mining basin. It was exploited in open pit until 1885. From that date, the mineral extraction was carried […]

Reinforcement of tunnel 1 Genovés on 342 Xátiva-Alcoi line (Valencian Community)

Genovés Tunnel 1 has a length of 250 m, starting km 4 + 188 and ending km 4 + 438 with straight geometry. The tunnel is single track, with a […]

Emergency due to serious damage to the lining of the Toses tunnel. Ripoll - Puigcerdá line

The Toses tunnel has a length of 3,904 m and is located between PP.KK 29+745 and 33+649. The repair areas total 947 meters where the following actions have been carried […]

Reparations of inlet and outlet in Zankoeta II Tunnel

The actions carried out in the Zankoeta II Tunnel consisted of: Filling of the track area to a level higher than the current tunnel key to stabilize the slope and […]

Improvement works on slopes of the Bilbao-Donostia Line. Lot 1: Deba Station at km 72 + 450

The works consisted of the Conditioning and improvement of stability on the slopes between the Deba and Zumaia stations of the Bilbao-Donosti Line, for this, the following actions were carried […]

A-27. Tarragona Mont-Blanc. Section: Valls - Montblanc bypass. Lilla Tunnel

On the Valls – Montblanc bypass section of the A-27 highway (Tarragona – Montblanc), located in the province of Tarragona, a twin-tube tunnel has been built called the Coll de […]

Security works at Arditurri gallery

The works that were carried out in the Arditurri mine were the following: Security work at a point in the mining gallery. Triple twist mesh placement. Placement of mini prisms […]
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