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Construction project for the infrastructure of section 9B. Bolintxu-Venta Alta, stage I of the South Metropolitan By-pass

Date 18/02/2020
Type of works Highway, Tunnels

Project description

It is a double tunnel, with three lanes on Axis 1 and three lanes on Axis 2. The tunnel as a total length of 524,833 m on Axis 1 and 531,152 m on Axis 2. The excavation section is around 115 - 130 m2. Given these big dimensions, the excavation has been carried out in phases, called bench, invert and in some cases invert vault. The excavation has mostly been carried out by blasting, since the land was of good quality. The support used is based on the use of bolts, shotcrete, metallic fiber, mesh and trusses.  

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