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Ermua South Bypass Construction Project. Uretamendi Tunnel

Date 28/06/2019
Type of works Highway, Tunnels

Project description

The project involved the construction of the Uretamendi tunnel, made up of two parallel tunnels, one in each direction, with two carriageways on each. East Tunnel (axis 42): will have a length of 580.96 m, starting at kilometre 5+080.63 and ending at kilometre 5+669.59. West Tunnel (axis 43): will have a length of 588.72 m, starting at kilometre 5+078.65 and ending at kilometre 5+667.37. The tunnel has two interconnecting galleries between both tunnels (axis 43 and axis 43) with a separation distance between 175 and 350 m. These interconnecting galleries allow the evacuation of individuals and access of vehicles to the tunnel. The tunnels have a total excavation section which varies between 108 m² for the I rock type and 114 m² for the IV rock type.

Multimedia material

Used machinery

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