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Meagas Tunnel

Date 01/06/2023
Type of works Conservation and maintenance, Railway, Tunnels

Project description

The Meagas tunnel is located on the Bilbao-Donostia line, within the municipality of Getaria, and has a daily traffic of trains belonging to the E1 line of Euskotren. The E1 line is the main route offered by Euskotren. It is a tunnel located between K.P. 82+024 and 82+599 of this line, which has a more or less rectilinear route along its 575 m length.

At present, its ashlar lining is in poor condition due to the passage of time, with pot-holes and concretions at different points along the route. The reason for this repair work is the appearance of various pathologies along the Meagas tunnel, where the masonry is very deteriorated from time to time. Particularly serious are the deformations in the gables between KP 82+190 and 82+230, where displacements towards the interior of the tunnel of several centimetres have been measured.

The tunnel repair consists of reinforcing the support along the entire perimeter of the aforementioned 45 m of the tunnel located 309 m from the entrance to the east tunnel, on the Donostia side. For reasons of gauge, the existing masonry and ashlar lining will have to be excavated, subsequently applying a support made up of shotcrete, bolts and metal trusses. The work must be carried out in 2 ml long, non-contiguous bays, leaving 4 ml unmodified.

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