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Pacific 1 Motorway Connection. Functional Unit 2 and Functional Unit 3. Amagá Tunnel

Date 27/06/2019
Type of works Highway, Tunnels

Project description

The Pacific 1 Motorway Connection includes the construction of a new twin direction Road, starting in the municipality of Bolombolo and linking with the Ancón Primavera road approximately 5 km north of the Camilo Cé correction, with a length of 32 km.

The project includes the construction of 2 double tunnels:

  • The first located in the functional unit 1, known as the Sinifaná Tunnel, with a length of 1363 m on the left-hand side and 1354.5 m on the right-hand side.
  • The second tunnel (awarded) is located in the functional unit 2 and 3, known as the Amagá, between the abscissa, km 21+651.50 and km 25+261 for the left-hand side road, and between km 21+653.50 and km 25+269 on the right and road, with a length of 3609.5 m for the left-hand road and 3615.5 m for the right-hand road

The total section varies between 82 m² for the AI rock type and 98 m² for the D3, rock type, with an inverted arch.

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