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Security works at Arditurri gallery

The works that were carried out in the Arditurri mine were the following: Security work at a point in the mining gallery. Triple twist mesh placement. Placement of mini prisms […]

Structural reinforcement of the Santander-Bilbao metre-gauge railway line. Ambroser Tunnel.

The Ambrosero tunnel is located in The Cantabrian town of Ambrosero and is part of the Santander-Bilbao metre-gauge railway line.The works carried out for the structural reinforcement, drainage replacement and […]

GI-638 (Deba-Mutriku) highway improvement building project. Alkolea tunnel.

Improvements to the GI-638 highway between Deba and Mutriku requires the building of the de Alkolea tunnel. Its total length is 106 m, of which the central section is 80 […]

Amended Project Nº1. Barcelona Orbital Dual Carriageway Section: Olesa de Montserrat-Viladecavals. Olesa Tunnel

The Olesa capital is part of the Barcelona Orbital Dual Carriageway construction project, in the section between Olesa de Montserrat and Viladecavalls. This is a two-way tunnel with two independent […]

Execution of the Mina Fraguiña Project

Execution of 1,045 meters, of which 410 meters correspond to the execution of central galleries of 30 m2, with widening areas to form caverns of 200 meters in length and […]

Carbayín reinforcement works between kilometres 28/636 and 29/681 of the Laviana-Gijón Sanz Crespo 752 line. Carbayín Tunnel

The Carbayín is located at kilometre 28/634 on the Gijón Sanz Crespo – Laviana 752 line on the metric went network, with a section 4 a single lane electrified track, […]

Querol Port Improvements Construction Project. Section: Barranco de la Bota-Masía de la Torreta. Querol Tunnel

The N-232 highway in the section between Morella and Vinaroz, in the province of Castellón, currently improved, with the exception of the Querol Port section (between kilometres 46+300 and 54+900), […]

Ermua South Bypass Construction Project. Uretamendi Tunnel

The project involved the construction of the Uretamendi tunnel, made up of two parallel tunnels, one in each direction, with two carriageways on each. East Tunnel (axis 42): will have […]