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Pacific 1 Motorway Connection. Functional Unit 2 and Functional Unit 3. Amagá Tunnel

The Pacific 1 Motorway Connection includes the construction of a new twin direction Road, starting in the municipality of Bolombolo and linking with the Ancón Primavera road approximately 5 km […]

Reinforcement of the cladding and adaptation of the installations in the tube towards San Sebastián, in San Lorentzo-Larre tunnel (A-15 Motorway)

The works to be carried out in the San Lorentzo Tunnel consisted of carrying out the following actions: Preliminary work: cleaning, excavation and scraping of the tunnel. Supporting the tunnel […]

Tunnels 1-2-3 Sector 1 Bogotá – Villavicencio Highway

This project is included in the Bogotá – Villavicencio Highway Improvements works, and includes the completion of three tunnels in Sector 1. El Tablón – Puente Téllez. Tunnel 1, known […]

Aduna Tunnel. New Railway Network in the Basque Country. Section: Zizurkil-Andoain

The length of the Aduna Tunnel is 4690 m. Nortúnel excavated from the mouth on the Andoain side a mine tunnel with a length of 1479 m, with an excavation […]

Vilavella Tunnel. LAV Madrid – Galicia. Section: Canda – Vilavella Tunnel.

The Vilavella tunnel comes with two tunnels with a length of 902 m and 869 m. Both tunnels have a single lane road, with a truncated circular section of 52 […]

Hernani Tunnel. LAV (Y Vasca) Section: Urnieta – Hernani

The Hernani tunnel has a mine length of 749 m with an excavation section of some 120 m². It’s free section is 95 m². The materials that were cut through […]

Tunnel 11. Improvements to the Bogotá – Villavicencio Highway. Sector 3A

Tunnel 11 has a mine length of 412 m with an excavation section of some 104 m². Excavation has taken place along the terrace with thickness that exceeds 90 m, […]

Olabarrie Tunnel. LAV (Y Vasca) Section: Durango – Amorebieta

The Olabarrie tunnel has a length of 986 m. It is a two-way tunnel with an 85 m² type section. The excavation takes place with perforation and blasting using mechanical […]

Urzelai Tunnel. LAV (Y Vasca) Section: Durango – Amorebieta

The two-way Urzelai tunnel has a 95 m² type section and a length of 575 m. This tunnel affects the cretaceous materials, both in the CLu formation (black lutites and […]