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Reinforcement of tunnel 1 Genovés on 342 Xátiva-Alcoi line (Valencian Community)

Date 19/10/2020
Type of works Conservation and maintenance

Project description

Genovés Tunnel 1 has a length of 250 m, starting km 4 + 188 and ending km 4 + 438 with straight geometry. The tunnel is single track, with a wooden sleeper, it is not electrified and it was built in 1893. The two reinforcement and stabilization actions have been carried out in a section between the km 4,246 and 4,308, completing a total length of 62 meters. The works that have been carried out are the placement of TH-21 trusses and the execution of a shotcrete layer by using a concrete pumping system.

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Used machinery

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