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Section 8a: Peñascal – Larraskitu of the Bilbao Metropolitan South Link road

Date 21/05/2007
Type of works Highway

Project description

Construction took place on two sides of the road 10.5 m each (one each way, and a section type that had to 3.5 m carriageways (plus hard shoulders), a junction with the A-8 and a tollbooth with 11 cabins and their corresponding maintenance and operation buildings. The main works activities were:
  • Excavation of the Larraskitu landfill site. With a total of 1,607,809 m².
  • Completion of the Larraskitu tunnels. Double tunnel, with two carriageways, to on each side, that I joined and have a total length of 1760 m.
  • Carried out in the Peñascal toll area. Located in the main over to 250 m. false tunnels, including maintenance office buildings.
  • We could also highlight to singular structures. One in the Peñascal area, with an elevated passage of 150 m in length and 4 vanes, and the other in Larraskitu, which is a 7 vane mixed pergola on metallic countries, with a total length of 84 m.

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