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Tunnels 1-2-3 Sector 1 Bogotá – Villavicencio Highway

Date 23/04/2015
Type of works Highway, Tunnels

Project description

This project is included in the Bogotá – Villavicencio Highway Improvements works, and includes the completion of three tunnels in Sector 1. El Tablón – Puente Téllez.

  • Tunnel 1, known as La Herradura, has a total length of 299 m, and is located between kilometres 35+613 and 35+912.
  • Tunnel 2, Moscosio, has a total length of 384m, and is located between kilometres 36+146 and 36+520.
  • Tunnel 3. La Culebra, has a total length of 539 m, and is located between kilometres 37+200 and 37+670.

The length of the excavated mine tunnel will be:

T1 K35+640,00 K35+895,00 255,00 ml
T2 K36+160,00 K36+520,00 360,00 ml
T3 K37+200,00 K37+670,00 470,00 ml




The excavation of the tunnels takes place through rock mass in the Lower Cáqueza Formation, basically made up of lutites with interspersed rock layers of siltstone and/or sandstone.

The area is affected by multiple tectonic accidents caused various folds in the rock and intense fracturing.

Multimedia material

Used machinery

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